My Indique Hair Wigs Review

My Indique Hair Wigs Review

I have tried many Wigs in the past, from many different companies, and of many different types. I have come across many new companies like Indique Hair. I once saw a post by one of the influencers that I follow and she used their hair in her shoot. It was Pure Wavy if I’m not wrong. At that time I was looking for some nice Hair Company because I was tired of using those low-quality ones that I used to buy off amazon. They do have some nice hair but only if you get lucky or else it is just weird quality. So I bought Pure Wavy Lace Front Wigs and also Chaka by Indique iKhanic Straight Wig because… well I wanted to see how the collaboration was with the legend herself. Well here is what I have t say about the Indique Hair Wigs that I received:


  • They have a great website and easy to navigate and it was very easy to find what you are looking for. Plus they have a blog page too if you didn’t know it is called Fluff Magazine, I love the content there because it is very helpful.
  • Once I bought the Wig they helped me with everything. Wait till the cons to hear about it.
  • Now about the Wigs. Human Hair Wigs that are ordered are actually 100% Human Hair, not some synthetic mix Wig claiming to be 100% pure so that is great.
  • The shine in the Wigs has always been a problem for me but these had just enough shine to make it look natural. Because of which, it gets a big thumbs up from me.
  • Also the Hair is so smooth! I can’t even explain how happy I was to see this! But wait there is more!
  • Not only the Wigs are smooth but they also have minimal to no shedding! This was a huge concern for me because in the past I’ve bought a wig that was super smooth but it was shedding like crazy, but not with Indique Hair Wigs.


  • So it was a little delay in delivery because of the pandemic situation so I contacted them to ask for the current status of my order and they were so kind and nice to me! So I don’t think that can be considered as a con but I have to tell every single thing right?

Would I recommend buying it?

Yes definitely because I not only love the Hair Wigs that I bought but also the customer service that they have! It really feels like they value the customers a lot!

So ya this was my Indique Hair Review for the Wigs. I hope you found it helpful. I’d continue buying their products and let you know about the quality.

Well, that being said, Indique Hair are having a site-wide Valentine’s Day Sale this year so you should totally check them out!

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