How To Get The Perfect Beach Waves

Who doesn’t want that flowy mermaid-like hair right? Well, you are in luck because we are here to tell you how to get that perfect beach waves without going to the stylist and spending your hard-earned money. The fact that volume is one of the most important aspects of this hairstyle is loud and clear. If you don’t want to cause any sort of heat damage then you can use Curly Wigs directly or hair extensions to add that extra oomph to the look.

Curly Wigs

Well, without wasting much time let’s get started:

The first step would be to get the right texture in your hair. If you have a light hair type then go for a texturizing spray in order to get the heavy texture in the hair. Just shake the can and spray from a distance to make sure that the product is spread properly. Scrunch up your hair to give it that volume.

Wavy Bundle Deals

Next, you have to add some Bundles of hair extensions to give it the volume and the bounce that it needs. If you want then go ahead without it but to get the stylist like hairdo you have to add these extensions.’

Next, spray the heat protectant on the hair and get your curling iron ready. Once it is done, start curling. Curl your hair away from your hair and take a big chunk of hair to make sure that the curls that you create are pretty loose. To give it the natural look don’t curl your hair in the same direction rather go for some strands that are curled in the opposite direction.

Human Hair Bundle Deals

Please don’t comb your curls until all the hair is done as it might lead to the strands losing the curl. Once you’re done with curling your hair wait for a while till the last strand is cooled down and once that’s done go ahead and comb your hair either using a wide-tooth comb or hand.

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The last step would be to spray the setting spray or you can just leave it like that.

Not that difficult right? Ya, it isn’t if you have the right Hair Texture and the volume. It also depends on the kind of highlights that you have. The highlighted hair has a better-looking texture as compared to the hair that has no highlights.

I usually go for Indique Hair Wigs as they are pretty natural, top quality, and affordable too! Plus they’ll be having a Women’s Day Sale this year so you should totally check them out!

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